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American Airlines SOC in 1990; new facility coming

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My original posting of this picture asked a question:

Flight dispatchers, meteorologists, crew schedulers and other specialists work as a team to assure the safety and comfort of American Airlines passengers. Can anyone help with what year this is?


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Thank you to a Time Capsule Photo Gallery reader:

The photo was taken in July 1990 when the systems operations control (SOC) building was first occupied in Fort Worth, Texas. In the foreground is dispatch, but the majority of the workstations and employees are crew schedulers. The room in the back was a smoking area. Motorola radio/telephone turrets were built into the Knoll furniture, with a small monitor displaying calls. The larger monitor displayed Macintosh computer Sabre emulator programs. Note that the printers are under the work surface, covered by a Plexiglas cover with a slit for the continuous feed paper to pass through. The SOC was remodeled in 2001 to make room for TWA from Saint Louis, Missouri and again in 2013 to make room for maintenance departments from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

In 2013 the name was changed to the integrated operations center (IOC). This facility’s last day as IOC will be mid-August 2015.

A new facility, expected to open in the third quarter of 2015 is named the Robert W. Baker Integrated Operations Center, named after former AA vice chairman Robert Baker. The $88 million project will consolidate American’s ops center in Fort Worth and US Airways’ center in Pittsburgh. The building will be a two-story, 149,000 sq. ft. facility and will house 1,400 employees, including 600 from US Airways.

The new IOC is located near American’s headquarters and flight academy south of Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport. Specific functions performed there will include flight dispatch, crew scheduling, MOC, weight and balance planning, system customer service, flight planning support, and emergency planning and response.


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